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Conservation Projects

Currently supported projects

Our currently supported Conservation Project is the Wildlife Conservation Society's Blakiston's Fish Owl Project operating under its Russia Programme to ensure the long term viability of this enigmatic species.

Welcome to the IOS

The UK based International Owl Society (I.O.S) was established in 1996 as a worldwide forum for anyone with an interest in owls. It caters equally for the owl enthusiast, who may wish to support Owl conservation work through the Society’s conservation projects, as well as owl keepers & breeders.As such membership is open equally to all Owl enthusiasts, keepers and breeders as well as the scientific and zoological communities.

You do not need to be an owl-keeper to join all that we ask is that you share our passion for these remarkable birds.

Our members include leading owl-keepers and breeders so expert and friendly advice on all aspects of owl-keeping and husbandry is readily available.

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IOS Meetings, News & Events

Society Autumn Meeting

Our Autumn Meeting and A.G.M. has been arranged to take place on Sunday 13th October at the Cotswold Wildlife Park. A downloadable Booking Form is now available on the site. We hope to see you on the day. Non-members are welcome to attend but are not eligible to participate in any votes taken at the A.G.M.

September E-Tyto Issue/Society Autumn Meeting

The September issue of E-Tyto has been emailed to subscribed members. A few messages have been returned as undelivered so if your email address has changed please update us, Should you have not received your copy please email us over the website. We shall shortly be looking to arrange our Autumn Meeting and are looking at returning to the Cotswold Wildlife Park. It is difficult for us to negotiate attractive ticket prices and book Speakers for the day unless a reasonable number of members are going to attend. It would therefore be greatly appreciated if you could indicate by email...

IOS magazine

The society's email bulletins "Tyto Newsbrief" are normally sent to members on or around the 1st of March, June & September. Our 48 page hard-copy magazine "Tyto" is posted to members in early December. Members are welcome and encouraged to submit contributions to these publications in the form of articles and or photographs.